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Worldwide delivery

We ship and deliver direct throughout the world.

Whether you live in England, France, Switzerland, USA, Dubai or New Zealand, we will be pleased to arrange shipping and delivery to your door.

Professional, reliable delivery is an important part of our service; we are anxious to ensure that products are delivered to your home or office with the greatest possible care. Certain items are fragile and the cheapest method of transportation may not provide the best solution.

We always quote including delivery but geographical location does have a bearing on cost and delivery charges vary significantly from one location to another. Accordingly, please be aware of the fact that we always require a postcode or zip code address before offering a final quotation. Pro-rata, larger orders usually incur lower shipping and delivery charges.

Within the EU, insurance and all taxes are included and there is no customs duty.

For delivery outside the EU, prices are quoted excluding delivery, duty, all taxes and clearance charges. However, we will be glad to quote shipping and delivery anywhere in the world.

making delivery simple
We aim to make delivery as uncomplicated as possible – even for large and heavy items so we do need to know when we accept an order, where it needs to be delivered: When you place your order, please let us know what particular delivery constraints may exist in getting the goods to you, such as narrow streets, doorways or staircases.

from order to delivery
When providing information about an anticipated delivery date for an order, we will always aim to be as accurate as possible but please note, from time to time, manufacturers have unforeseen delays beyond our control for which we can not be held responsible. In good faith, however, we will notify you immediately if for any reason we foresee a delay beyond the anticipated date of delivery.

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